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Fashion Trends to Look Forward to in 2017

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Apart from new days and experiences, as well as the excitement of sticking to New Year’s resolutions, there are also some cool fashion trends to look forward to in 2017. Some of these have become popular recently but are predicted to become all the rage in 2017, some are making a comeback and some are completely fresh and unique. Still, the vastness of possible styles to rock and enjoy this year is undoubtedly something that can make your year a lot more amusing and enjoyable.

One color all over


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Colorblocking is still considered to be pretty big in fashion world, but it seems that the complete opposite trend will be on par with colorblocking in 2017. Rocking layered outfits in the same color is truthfully a very unique, interesting and playful take on all different styles. What’s more, when it comes to one color to rule them all, pastels and neons are positively the shades that will be well worth looking into.

Oversized blazers


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Even professional-looking attire is bound to experience some changes in 2017. One new trend that seems to dominate the runways from the very beginning of this year is pairing oversized blazers with strong shoulders with the rest of your fitted attire. The fashion of the 80s managed to find its way to business looks as well, thus making them a lot more unique and personal compared to the uniformity that this style was characterized with before.

Geometrical patterns



You may think that geometrical patterns have had their five minutes of fame already, but fashion predictions for 2017 tell otherwise. Actually, geometrical shapes and patterns in garments are about to get even crazier and more striking than before. The rule that says that you shouldn’t mix too many different patterns in your outfits or that you should avoid one pattern for the entire outfit is gradually fading. Basically, 2017 promises complete freedom when it comes to your creativity and desire to rock some cool stripes and geometrical forms all over.

The quirkier – the better



When it comes to footwear, recent years have been really fun and enjoyable for all shoe lovers, but that’s nothing compared to what 2017 has in store. The height, chunky heel, crazy look and even the birth of “ugly shoes” as a response to “ugly sweaters” are some of the statement pieces for this year fashion-wise. It seems that the shoes you wear will be the key piece of your outfit when it comes to expressing your personality and creativity through your appearance. So, if you thought that footwear trends were quirky so far, stay tuned for what’s coming next.

Feminine tomboy


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Fitted clothes and accentuated curves will always be a timeless trend when it comes to lady fashion but the popularity of tomboy fashion has been evident for quite some time now. In that respect, 2017 has to offer a whole new take on this trend, dictating the feminine vibe from the comfy and straight outfit lines. Looking girly and attractive is no longer a thing for fitted garments only. Loose fit and the so called “boyfriend” look are getting more and more attention, be it on runways or in the streets.

Of course, going for garments and looks that match your fashion sense as well as personality will always be the timeless fashion trend for every individual. Wearing something that you don’t find aesthetically pleasing or comfortable will end up looking awkward and far from flattering. In that respect, nothing can beat the self-esteem and confidence that you emanate when rocking an outfit that feels natural and special to you.

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