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7 Comfy, yet Stylish Lazy Day Outfits

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Gone are the days when you had to sacrifice comfort for a fashionable look. Now you can throw on your most comfortable sweater or tunic and pull off a gorgeous lazy day ensemble in the blink of an eye. Forget about the pieces of clothing that pinch, or irritate you and put all of them aside, because you can look like a true fashion icon in your comfy romper, oversized cardigan, or that black hoodie you love so much.

Sporty lazy

sport outfit

Running errands in your favourite pair of leggings can look super stylish, if you only know how to style up the outfit. Throw on a grey or baby pink hoodie over a pair of black leggings, match them up with your comfortable running shoes and you’re all set. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get motivated to go for a run, and save yourself the time of changing clothes.

Hipster girl

converse sneakers

A pair of high-waisted jeggings alongside a woollen hoodie and a pair of low-rise Converse sneakers is all you need for your hipster outfit. Add a grey beanie and your favourite backpack to it, and you’ll be comfy and stylish all day long. This outfit is perfect for school, running errands or meeting your friends for a cup of coffee, so you can wear it all day without worrying about being underdressed.

The lazy travel outfit

ripped jeans

Travelling is all about comfort, but that doesn’t mean you should look plain while heading to a vacation. Wear a pair of lightweight ripped jeans, a silk camisole and a bomber jacket for the most relaxed trip ever. Complete the ensemble with a pair of Birkenstock sandals for utmost comfort. Add some fashionable jewellery if you like a little more sparkle, and you’ll look as trendy as ever.

Cosy in a cardigan


One of the reasons we’re in love with cardigans is that most of them feel like the warmest, cuddliest blanket and keep us comfy through the cold season. Even though it’s a piece of clothing that keeps you relaxed and casual, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look chic while wearing it. Just make sure you add an eye-catching piece of clothing to it, such as a criss-cross patterned t-shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of flat ankle boots. A cute scarf could also make a lot of difference, so consider throwing that on as well.

Lazy bohemian chic

trench coat

Autumn is all about warm shades, so a maroon sweater dress sounds like the perfect choice. To make it comfy but stylish, wear it with a maroon or black fedora, a pair of boots, and add a long chained necklace for extra sparkle. A fashionable trench coat will come in handy in case of rainy weather, while a cardigan can keep you warm in the more temperate weather.

Classy comfort

Just because you’re comfortable, doesn’t mean that you can’t keep it classy. Relaxed-fit printed pants alongside a sleeveless turtleneck and a pair of loafers scream cosy. Throw on a camel wrap coat and a statement jewellery piece and you’ll look fierce without sacrificing your comfort.

Dressed up sweats

Who says your cosy sweatpants should stay inside while you’re off getting things done? Don’t waste your time thinking what to wear for a quick run to the post office or a grocery store. Instead, just style sweatpants up with your black biker jacket, a plain T-shirt and a pair of slip-ons, and you’ll be comfy and stylish in less than 5 minutes.


From cardigans, through jeggings and leggings, to hoodies and coats, what once was only comfortable can now be stylish as well, if you match everything nicely. Experiment with clothes, feel free to mix and match various pieces to come up with the perfect cosy, yet stylish outfit.


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