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Always Save Money When Shopping Online!

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of GivingAssistant. All opinions are 100% my own.

I live in the middle of no where.  As in, 30 minutes to get groceries.  So that means I do a lot of online shopping on a regular basis.  Usually when I am doing my online shopping I try to find online discount codes, or use online cash back sites.  However, I always seem to run into some issue.  The code doesn’t work.  The store I’m shopping from isn’t included in the cash back.  Or I just haven’t earned enough cash back to redeem anything.

That’s where Giving Assistant changes things!  Giving Assistant starts off with over 1,000 stores available for cash back, averaging 5% back.  Even Amazon is on the list!  On the huge list of stores you will also see the percent of cash back they offer. A few of my favorite offers were 5% back at Sephora, and 4% back at Kohl’s and Forever 21!

Your cash back with Giving Assistant will be higher than other cash back sites because they give 100% of the cash back to you, they don’t keep any for themselves.  I gave it a try myself and in a matter of two minutes my account was set up and I was shopping.

When you go to Giving Assistant you will see a spot at the top where you can sign up with Facebook, or enter an email address.  Then you will create a password and you are ready to shop!

The Giving Assistant - The easiest way to earn your cash back!

I typed in the name of the store where I wanted to shop (Amazon) and went to their Amazon page.  Here you can see any potential coupons for the store.  When I was ready to start shopping  I selected “visit” and was redirected to the Amazon home page.

The Giving Assistant - The easiest way to earn your cash back!

Now for my favorite part, the cash back!  As soon as your items ship and the order is officially processed your cash back will appear on your Giving Assistant account.  You will have two options for your money, receive cash back or donate the money to charity.

You can easily set up to donate to the charity of your choice, and then decide how much of the cash back is going to the charity.  You can send all 100%, 50%, or 0%.  Totally up to you.

The Giving Assistant - The easiest way to earn your cash back!

The cash back can come to you in one of three ways: as a check sent out quarterly, a PayPal payment sent monthly, or direct deposit into your debit card daily.  And the minimum amount required for your cash back?  Only $1!

The Giving Assistant - The easiest way to earn your cash back!

I was impressed by how easy it was to use Giving Assistant.  I purchased a foam roller for exercising from Amazon, and my cash back showed up right away!  As I continue to shop online I will make sure I am clicking there through the Giving Assistant to make sure I earn my cash back the easy way.

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