Unretouched Postpartum Bodies That Show The Beauty Of Motherhood

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Once a woman has a baby, she’s not just a mother — she’s also been inducted into a new club, a secret society of sorts, of fellow women whose bodies have been forever changed by the birth of their child. Some women have a deep sense of self-appreciation whenever they look at their stretch marks, flabby skin, and sagging breasts. To them, beauty dwells deep inside and these are merely the results of a beautiful creation: their offspring/s.

Photographer Liliana Taboas documented these mothers for her “Divine Mothering” project. She aims to show the beauty of pregnancy and motherhood in a way that society barely sees it.

“humanize women’s bodies . . . and celebrate the changes women’s bodies go through over time, through pregnancy and breastfeeding,” she said on her blog.

But Taboas doesn’t want to only reach this exclusive club of moms with her empowering photography. She knows “not all women are mothers” and hopes to “serve all women” with her work. Women should find inspiration from Liliana’s work of art, the “Divine Mothering” project. See the pictures below!

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Image Source: Liliana Taboas

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