Important Halloween Safety Tips For All

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Halloween is right around the corner. I am a big fan of Halloween, who doesn’t love to dress up and get candy for free? As a kid it was pretty common for kids to go out and walk around by themselves, or just with an older sibling and everything was fine. It was also more common for kids to stay out later on Halloween those days and now I realize that was probably not the safest thing to do!

The world has unfortunately gotten a bit more dangerous these days and it is highly important for everyone to be safe when the kids go out for their Halloween Festivities! Here are a few tips that you should definitely follow when heading out to trick or treat this year!


Use reflective devices: So a lot of the time when you go trick or treating, it is generally dark outside. With so many kids out at one time, it can be difficult to see where exactly your kids went. If you put a reflective vest or even just a colored glow stick necklace around their neck, you will be able to spot them easier and make sure that they do not get lost!

Make sure children always have an adult with them: If you are physically not able to take your child out personally, see if they can go with a friend and their parent or if you have an older child or sibling that will be able to go out with them! You never know who is out on Halloween, so it is extremely important that your children, especially the really young ones have an adult with them!

Stay out of the street, stay on the sidewalks: As stated before, it is typically dark outside when you are trick or treating so try to refrain from being in the street! Try to strictly stay on the sidewalk but if you do have to cross the street at all try to find a crosswalk. If there isn’t a cross walk in sight, be very careful and look both ways to make sure no cars are coming and cross safely.

Have a designated route to go by: Before you leave the house, set up a route to go by for your trick or treating and make sure everyone knows the route, this way if anyone gets lost you can find each other easier! Also, set up a meeting spot! This way you have a designated area to meet up if anyone is lost!

Check for any opened or tampered with candy before children eat any: When you get home from your trick or treating adventure be sure to go through all of the candy before your kiddos eat any of them and make sure there aren’t any tampered with or opened candy to be 100% safe!

Who says that you can’t have fun and be safe all at the same time?

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