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7 Ways to Help Prevent Colds During the School Year

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Cold and flu season is probably the most dreaded part of the year. The flu vaccine is hit or miss and the past few years it has been a miss. No one likes to get a cold, cough, sneezing, and dragging through the day is never on your to-do list. With some planning and diligence you can keep your family healthy this year and kick the bug faster if you do catch it.

7 Ways to Help Prevent Colds During the School Year: Keep those nasty germs out of your house!

Wash Hands Often. I know, I know that is nothing new. Only it is one of the best tools to keep your family healthy. Germs spread fast and washing hands is the key to stopping that spread. Make sure your kids are washing properly and with soap!

Clean and Sanitize Areas In the House That do not Get Enough Attention. Your computer, cell phone and children’s toys are touched all day long. Regular sanitizing of objects that are touched often get’s rid of germs you have picked up and spread around. Other key places are light switches, door knobs, and the refrigerator door. Pillowcases and beading should be washed in hot water weekly.

Wash Backpacks and Lunch Pails. The germs floating around schools can be scary, so washing items that frequently hang out in the school near these kids is a great way to limit germs getting into your house and spreading.

Up Everyone’s Vitamin Intake. Nutrition is a major key to boosting the immune system. Take supplements for Vitamins C, D3, and Zinc to boost the body’s immune system. If you catch a cold or flu it i not too late to take these vitamins to help kick it quickly.

Give Essential Oils a Try. Essential oils are growing in popularity for a reason. They work. Lavender or tea tree essential oil is a great tool to sanitize and kill germs without harsh chemicals. Blends like Thieves oil, on guard, and Plant Therapy’s Germ fighter are great for preventing and fighting colds and flu. Most brands of essential oils are available for immediate shipping through Amazon.

Get Enough Rest. If you aren’t getting proper sleep, or rest this can impact your immune system and contribute to getting sick. Making sure your body is functioning on enough sleep, and can properly fight off anything that comes your way is a big help.

Drink Water and Eat Clean Foods. Keeping the body hydrated boosts the immune system and helps your body clean the bad stuff out through the lymphatic system. A clean diet high in fruits and vegetables provides your body with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as fiber needed to clean out your system to keep your body running smoothly.

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