Miranda Dropped 45 Pounds And It STILL Wasn’t Enough For Blake

If you’re a country movie fan then you are probably well aware of that country music sweethearts Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert recently filed for divorce. To me, this was a complete shock. It just so happened that I had been following Miranda’s incredible 45 pound- 6 week weight loss routine at the time of the news breaking about their divorce. I remember recently¬†reading an article about Miranda’s weight loss where she said she was doing it to, “keep Blake happy and keep our relationship healthy and sexy.” All for nothing I guess ūüôĀ

So in honor of Miranda and women everywhere busting their butts to be skinny, I put together some before and after pictures of her weight loss so Blake knows exactly what he’s missing! Chump.



Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

I absolutely love her in this red dress! Eat it Blake Shelton!

See Miranda’s Weight Loss Routine HERE


Photos: Judy Eddy/Wenn

Not only did Miranda drop those pounds in just 2 months, she also improved the health of her skin and hair tremendously. You can really tell in these before and after photos.  She says it was a by product of her new diet and lifestyle routine (read about it here).


You Go Miranda! Congrats on your new amazing body! (see her diet plan here)

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