Whimsical Decorations For Your Child’s Room

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I’ve been redoing my daughter’s room for the past couple months (I know, nothing like taking a long time, right?) Anyways, it’s harder than you’d think! I want to find items for her room that are kid-friendly but not childish. I want her room to grow with her, not trap her in an era. With that being said, I gave myself my own challenge to make this all happen.

To keep the colors simple and not trendy, I picked out gray and white stripes and wanted to do accents of pink curtains, rug and artwork. It was easy to find pink curtains and rug, but the artwork was a little trickier. Like I said, I wanted to choose classic pieces that weren’t too childish but were still fun for a child’s room. After browsing the aisles of local stores with no luck, I found a website that was on point! had a great online gallery of artwork to choose from from digital artists all around the world (over 90 countries!) and there I was able to find a bunch of prints that I liked and my only issue now was having too many options.

While I was on the site, I also learned that Curioos (which first launched back in 2011) empowers up-and-coming talented artists by featuring and selling their artwork in high-quality prints. Plus, each piece is numbered, signed, stamped and sent with a certificate of authenticity! And for all that, the prices are not bad.

The pieces I ended up liking the most were these three:

Curioos images

(Left to Right) “Vintage Floral“, “Stag / Deer (On Beige)“, “Talking About My Girl

But it’s not like anyone can just sign up for Curioos and sell their artwork. Nope, it’s an invitation-only platform so that only artists invited by them or other credited artists on the site can exhibit and sell their artwork. That ensures you’re getting the quality pieces that you’re looking for.

Now in case you’re curious about all my other choices ended up, well I kind of ended up with a few more pieces than I originally intended (because the rest of my home could always use art too, right?!) You can see my full Curioos Wish List here, I found some seriously great options. It was so hard to choose!!!

Now I can finish up my daughter’s room, because all it was left needing was something to fill up the walls! I can’t wait to see how it turns out 🙂

If you’re in need of sprucing up your room, child’s room, office, home, kitchen, the list goes on and on… I’d definitely recommend checking out Curioos! You’ll totally find something you will love – I know I did!!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Curioos and Socialix. All opinions are 100% my own.



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