Top 4 Reasons Why Fathers Eve is a Must Attend Event

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Hey, ladies… Father’s Day is right around the corner. Although you most likely have already planned something for Father’s Day, why not send your man out for Fathers Eve the night before? Fathers Eve is quickly becoming the thing to do on June 17th. Because Fatherhood is a team sport!

The Fathers Eve project started in the garage of Mr. John Francis quite by accident. The 1st year had roughly 30 guys in John’s garage.  The night was filled with laughter, games, grilling, beverages and just hanging out. The common denominator of the men who attended was fatherhood.

The concept grew so quickly that within only a few years they moved to a bar and grill called O’Gara’s in St. Paul, MN, which is where the St. Paul event will be held again this year.

Mr. Francis partnered with The City Dads Group to license the event. Fathers Eve has now spread to over 40 cities and 3 countries. It has grown to become kind of a National DADs Night Out much like National Night Out has become.

While interviewing both men and women regarding this big event it was clear that women need a good reason to grant a night off unless she gets one too!

Although it might be hard to let him have the night off from parenting, don’t forget that you can always hire a babysitter and give both of you night off!

If you don’t have a babysitter lined up check out Sittercity, our friends at Cribsters did a fantastic review about them.

Here are FOUR excellent reasons why Fathers Eve is a MUST!

  1. Social inclusion makes them HEALTHY!

There are 2 primary reasons for this…

REASON #1 WBUR, Boston’s NPR news station states that not having friendships with other men is a threat to men’s health.

Weakened relationships with other men are linked to declining brain function, increased heart disease, and even a shorter lifespan.

Most men have friends from earlier days, high school, college, or even later. However, as family and work responsibilities take over, those friendships are tabled and they begin to drift apart.


REASON #2 Some men consider their wives their best friend. Great news right?  However, studies show friendship within the home does not take the place of relationships with other men outside of home and work. They need BOTH!

The Australian Longitudinal Study of Ageing found that family relationships had small if any impact on longevity, but that friendship increased a person’s lifespan by as much as 22%.

The New York Times discusses the challenges of male friendships. They stated that there is more cultural support for friendships between women than for men. There just aren’t as many support functions for men as there are for women.

  1. Helps men outsmart effects of social disconnect!

Dr. Vivek Murthy, the US Surgeon General presented the commencement address at the University of Arizona.

The primary theme of this address was “Live a Connected Life”.

The connections built when spending time with others and being part of a group are the building blocks for a strong community and a resilient nation.

Most middle-aged men fall into a category called social isolation or social disconnect which is often connected with gun violence and/or substance abuse.

Gun violence is a dreadful problem in the nation. Dr. Murthy, USSG stated that isolation and social disconnection is the common theme in cases involving gun violence.

Isolation is currently a bigger health problem than cancer or heart disease.

He says there are social impact programs to help improve emotional well-being. It is having a dramatic impact on reducing violence.

Although Father’s Eve is only ONE night a year, it may form new relationships or strengthen old ones.

Building a support system outside the family, breaking down the wall of isolation, this just may be the SOLUTION to healthier men and a healthier nation.

  1. Double the benefits!

What is good for him is good for you!

Let’s face it, parenting is never easy – there is no perfect manual for it. Checking in with other guys is a great way to connect.

This once a year event is a great way to get new parenting ideas that will benefit both of you and help the father in your life feel supported by other men… his peers.

Fathers Eve is a place they can share what works, what doesn’t work and learn from each other.

Talking about being dads, storytelling, and just the comradery will be worth its weight in toys.

Don’t miss this opportunity for dads from every walk of life to get together and celebrate fatherhood.

The old proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” couldn’t be truer.

Fatherhood is a team sport! Dads need a network of other dads to get the full advantage of the community.

  1. Raises THOUSANDS for charity!

The very best part of this evening is that it raises thousands of dollars for a charitable agency.

Last year Father’s Eve raised $12,000 through donations from sponsors and tickets purchased for the event.

The money raised will be split between two agencies. The Father Project and The National At-Home Dad Network.

Both of these organizations are initiatives formed to support and advocate for all fathers… Single fathers, at-home fathers, traditional and non-traditional fathers. All will benefit from what these organizations have to offer.

A ticket to the event buys a fun filled evening of competitive games, “manly” prizes, awesome food, laughter and lots of storytelling.

Trophies will be awarded to the best bag-toss two-man team!

For the cigar connoisseur, there will be a cigar rolling contest and a special Minnesota event referred to as Hammerschlagen. Click here to see youtube video!

The prizes were donated by some amazing sponsors:

In addition to prizes for competitions, there will be a raffle where you can only win if you are present at the event.

These prizes are SWEET! Just some examples are grills, coolers, ladders, hair cut coupons, pint glasses with Father’s Eve logo, Baby Bjorn carriers, sporting event tickets, ladders, and even a drone!

Mr. John Francis, the founder of Father’s Eve says the event does not take away from Mothers Day – or Father’s Day.

John stated “We love Mother’s Day, and we love Father’s Day. We are not taking anything away from those celebrations. Father’s Eve is just a night to connect with other dads and celebrate the brotherhood of fatherhood.”

This event is not just for fathers, but also for step-fathers, grandfathers, uncles, future fathers, friends or any man who fills the role of a father figure.

The best gift you can give to the men in your life is a night out with others like them.

As we now know… Social connection with other men is one gift that may even prolong his life and save his sanity.

To get involved check out

You can buy tickets to an event near you or if there isn’t a local event you can always look into starting an event of your own.

There are only Five rules for Father’s Eve events.

  1. Keep it clean. The event is about dads and not just a pass to overindulge or get crazy.
  2. Focus on dads. The common element of all these events is raising awareness for dad issues, connecting with others dad, soon to be dads, etc.
  3. Have some fun. Games, prizes, laughter. A drama free evening for guys to relax and have a good time while raising money for charity.
  4. Work together with sponsors to make a successful event.
  5. Don’t screw this up! This great event is growing by the day and should continue if everyone pulls together.

Don’t wait! Buy tickets to this event now. What a perfect gift!

CLICK HERE to find an event near you – click find and event, then RSVP by your city.


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