How to Stay True to Yourself and Meet the Man of Your Dreams

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You have heard the statement “Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you” at least once for sure, but you haven’t always followed it, right? And that is why you ended up here, reading this article. Changing yourself over and over, waiting for someone’s approval and a happy ending is a life nobody should live.

We can often be hurt when someone tells us that we are not sexy enough, not funny enough – not good enough. Simply, in everybody’s life, there is always that one person who can tear our world apart with just a few sentences. And when we realize that that kind of person is someone we would kill for, the hardest part is letting go. And no, I am not going to tell you to do that right away, nobody can. Instead, do your best to love yourself more than you love him. Once you start doing that, you will realize that it is YOU who is in charge of your feelings, and someone else’s love for you will not be enough to satisfy you. You will understand that nobody is going to love you if you don’t love yourself first, and there is nothing, I repeat, nothing selfish about that.

With all this being said, the first lesson is – never feel dependent on someone and never let him treat you however he wants (because that is something you wouldn’t want from your prince charming, right?). Now let’s move on.

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How does it look to love yourself and how does it help you find love?

Let’s see, imagine a life where you are making an effort to do the things that light you up. Imagine a life where, when you don’t want something, you simply say no. Imagine a life where you are only spending time with encouraging, motivating and supportive people. In the end, imagine a life where you are no longer your worst critic, and you are achieving your goals with ease. How do you feel about this? It sounds fabulous, right? This is exactly how self-love looks.

Now, when finding self-love and finding partner- love clash, these two are actually really tightly connected. When we really love ourselves, all our worries simply fade away. We become courageous and authentic. We no longer focus on negativity and we have much more space in our brains for happiness. In other words, we become GUY MAGNETS. Loving yourself is the answer to the oldest question on this planet: how to make a guy want you a lot, because there is nothing more attractive than a confident and loving girl.

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Compromise is great, but not at all costs

  • Of course, compromise is the key of any successful relationship. But we are now learning how to stay true to ourselves, and there are a few things you should NEVER compromise:
  • Friendships – there is one exception here, and that is when your S.O. starts to notice that your friend is treating you poorly and that your friendship became toxic in some way, so he becomes concerned and tells you his worries. That is coming from love and it is perfectly fine. BUT, if he has the nerve to ask you to cut the ties with your friends that you love because he doesn’t enjoy their company, simply let him know that this is his problem – not yours.
  • Your goals and dreams – It is something that fulfills you, and something that was there much longer before him. So, if he wants you to stop following your dreams, sorry honey but you are with the wrong person.
  • Your family – Your core, your beginning, your strength – in other words, something no one can take from you. Especially if they did everything they could to make him feel accepted. If he is still being standoffish, you have no other choice but to tell him to stop being a petulant brat.
  • The way you feel about yourself – You already know that from the beginning, no matter how much you love a person, you should never let him make you feel bad about yourself.
  • The way you want to be treated – Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. And if you are constantly treated differently, that is something you don’t need to tolerate.

So now what?

By embracing the healthy self-confidence, you will meet more new people and have more of them attracted to you. The most important thing is that you feel confident and comfortable all the time and in every single situation.

Of course, no one can become confident overnight. Confidence and self-love come from focusing on your courage, your self-assurance and, of course, time. Say hi to that attractive guy on the bus, wear that sexy dress, tell someone you love him first – push the limits of your comfort zone until they disappear and until you can finally breathe with ease.

And that my friend is how you find love.

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