How to Instantly Get Rid of Unwanted Emails

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Whenever I open my inbox, the overwhelming feeling creeps over me. I know what’s going to happen – I’ll be digging through a mass of unwanted emails to try and discover the ones that are actually important. It’s time consuming, annoying and so frustrating sometimes. I don’t have time to go through and individually unsubscribe from every email that I’d ever made a purchase from, thought was interesting or just somehow got subscribed to.

Fortunately, there is a FREE service for this that I never even knew about. I discovered, a website that analyzes your inbox (even ones up to 45 days ago) and finds all the subscriptions you are currently signed up for.

unroll me unsubscription service

It found 208 subscriptions in my inbox (I would have never, ever guessed that) and as I went through them all on one page and unsubscribed 144 of them at the click of a button, I realized just how much mail I was getting that was going straight to my trash folder. I ended up keeping 64 of them that I actually took time to read sometimes but I had just eliminated 70% of my junk mail in a matter of maybe 60 seconds.

The Rollup also offers a “Rollup” which allows you to put all the subscriptions that you actually want to receive into a daily digest delivered at a time of your choosing, to help you maintain a clean inbox.

For me, I added to the Rollup the items that I like receiving but aren’t time sensitive or anything. This makes a world of a difference in not cluttering my inbox!

unroll me unsubscription service


Don’t worry, uses oAuth (an authentication system) to make sure that your credentials are not at risk of being compromised. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Keeps Giving is the gift to yourself that just keeps giving. They continue to scan your inbox everyday for new subscriptions so that you don’t have to.

unroll me unsubscription service

So be sure to check out, and save yourself the time, energy and sanity when it comes to checking your email!

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