7 Reasons Why Glasses Should be Bought Online

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The last time I purchased prescription glasses, I was less than a week post-partum from baby #2. Shortly after arriving home from the hospital, my glasses got buried in twisted bed sheets and I ended up sitting on them – hold the jokes!!  I ‘blamed’ it on the lack of sleep. And the adorable newborn nestled in the crook of my arm. And the toddler wedged between us. And well, exhaustion.

So, my husband drove me to the eyeglass retailer that had been the same company I had purchased glasses from since the 8th grade. I tried to walk as normal as possible, but couldn’t help doing the hunched-over-80-year-old-man-walk to keep my c-section scar from pulling. As I look back, I know I could have made this way less painful (literally!) by skipping the trip to the store entirely.

I haven’t tried before, but I intend to give it a try when it’s time for my next pair of eye glasses. It’d be so nice to sit comfortably at my computer in my yoga pants and order my glasses at What a difference this would make! Not just a difference in my experience, but also on my pocketbook. Complete pairs of glasses with lenses at start at only $48 (without coupon discounts). Translation: Customers save up to 70% off retail prices. Wowza.

The most irritating part of searching for the right pair of eyeglasses at my optometry office is that I always have trouble finding a large enough selection of glasses that I like with a narrow frame width that will properly fit my narrow face.

Shopping online, however, means a huge variety of different styles including fashion, sports, vintage, business and brand-name, as well as a larger selection of sizes. takes it a step further and allows the customer to upload a photo of themself to see how a pair will look with their face via a virtual mirror called Virtual Try-On.

The top 7 reasons I plan on buying my glasses online from now on:

  1. Convenience.
  2. Affordability.
  3. Larger selection of styles & sizes.
  4. No Salesperson.
  5. No worrying about wearing “appropriate” (or any) attire.
  6. Wrangling children at home is much easier.
  7. Convenience…again, because it is THAT important.

Head on over to to see for yourself and take advantage of their offer for signing up – 50% off your first pair!

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