2018 Lighting Trends with Charlotte Interiors

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With a new year comes new design trends and every year something seems to change at least slightly from the year before. Old trends become new again, current trends change slightly, and completely new trends emerge. To get you up to date with what’s hot right now, we’ve teamed up with Charlotte Skiba of Charlotte Interiors to bring you the top lighting trends of 2018!

Charlotte is an interior decorator and home stager based in Halifax, Canada.  Below are her tips for the top trends, with sourcing from her go-to lighting distributor Catalyst Sales.


Trend: Soft Gold

Gold has definitely been making a huge comeback, but this time it’s coming back in a softer hue than the old brassy gold that was popular in the 90s. This finish provides some warmth to your design and can be paired with other metals, such as nickel and aged brass (both warmer metals). The Karin wall sconce from Mitzi by Hudson Valley is perfect for bathroom vanity lighting. Pair two of these with a black or nickel round mirror and a soft gold faucet to create a beautiful bathroom.



Trend: Midcentury Modern

Midcentury Modern is having a big moment in design and lighting is no exception. Clean lines and round shades are very popular this year. The Ashleigh light from Mitzi by Hudson Valley is the perfect addition to any midcentury modern living room.



Trend: Big Fixtures

Large fixtures that make a statement are very popular right now. I’m seeing most of these larger fixtures showing up as kitchen island pendants and they really anchor the space. Typically, on a large island you would see three medium size pendants, but what we’re seeing now is that number changing to two and those pendants being fairly significant in size, almost like something you would see over a dining room table. The Silhouette pendant by Troy Lighting comes in at a width of 27.75” and would make a perfect statement for your kitchen island lighting.


Trend: Exposed Bulbs

Exposed bulbs have gained some popularity over the last few years and are still holding steading in lighting design. Now with the multitude of different bulbs, including different shaped Edison bulbs it makes it easier to get a great exposed bulb design. The Tara wall scones from Mitzi by Hudson Valley gives a candlestick effect and would be perfect to place on either side of a painting or a mirror above a fireplace.



Trend: Refined Rustic

The farmhouse/rustic look has been popular for a few years now and I’m noticing the trend shift a little more towards a more refined rustic look. What I mean by refined is more clean lines. I’m still seeing lots of aged bronze and French iron, and matte black is becoming a popular finish, which fits in nicely with the refined rustic look. The Arcadia from Troy Lighting is perfect for over a dining table and pairs nicely with wood tones, leather and shiplap for a perfect refined rustic design.


For more design tips and lighting solutions check out Charlotte Interiors on her site and Instagram, and Catalyst Sales on their site and Instagram!





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