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I am always on the lookout for new and delicious superfoods products, and I recently got the opportunity to try out Philosophie Superfoods. Let me just tell you- I am in love! I’ve tried a lot of superfood powders, but these may be my new go to.

What set Philiosophie apart for me was that in addition to your typical superfood powders, they also sell superfood coconut butters and honeys. Their nutrient-rich powders are blended into these butters and honeys and are absolutely delicious. I tried their Coconut Magic, which is a mix of coconut butter and their cacao superfood blend, and it was heaven.

What I love about this superfood option is that it gives you so many more ways to consume your superfoods. As a powder, I generally enjoy my superfoods in a glass of water or smoothie, but mixed into coconut butter or honey, you can use them in so many more ways. Some of their recommended uses include as a toast spread, mixed into oatmeal, as frosting, or just eaten by the spoonful.

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Their powders on their own are awesome too. They offer the following three blends.

Green Dream: A nutrient-dense greens blend packed with spirulina, maca, mesquite, hemp powder, chia seeds, and vanilla.

Berry Bliss: An antioxidant-rich berry powder with acai, goji, brown rice powder, pomegranate, camu camu, mangosteen, and maca.

Cacao Magic: My personal favorite: a nutritious energy boosting blend containing cacao powder, cacao nibs, reishi, mesquite, maca, chia seeds, hemp protein, and vanilla.

I originally discovered Philosophie through their founder Sophie Jaffe’s Instagram account. I loved the inspirational content she was sharing and that led to my interest in trying out her products. I wasn’t disappointed and now I count myself as a fan not only of Sophie’s, but of her amazing products as well.

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To shop Philosophie, head here to their online store, and for tons of delicious ways to incorporate superfoods into your diet, check out their recipe section.



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