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5 Ways to get Back to a Healthy Sleep Cycle

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Inconsistent sleep schedule can come as a result of a number of things. It is pretty common for young moms who have to juggle day-to-day obligations around the house and their kids. Also, it may come as consequence of working night shifts or experiencing insomnia issues.

Be it as it may, a healthy sleep cycle is very important and it has many benefits for us ladies. While there’s not much you can do if you have a baby with irregular sleep patterns, once your kids grow a bit and start sleeping for a full 10-12 hours, it’s time to treat yourself with some quality sleep.

This is why I have compiled a list of ways that will help you get back to a healthy sleep cycle.

Wake Up at the Same Time Every Day

This might sound as worn out advice, but it is not a coincidence that waking up at the same time every day has been emphasized by many experts for so long. The idea behind this is to set up a routine for yourself that you will have to respect and eventually get accustomed to.

Forget About Naps


No matter how accustomed you are to having an afternoon nap, try to avoid it if you want to get back on a healthy sleep cycle, as long naps are one of the main reasons that keep us up until the late hours of the night. If you can’t part from this refreshing habit of yours, try to limit it to a short power nap that lasts no more than 20 minutes. It will be enough for you to feel refreshed, but it won’t affect your sleep habits.

Get Rid of Electronics

Our internal clocks are very sensitive to artificial light. This is why you should keep your bedroom free of electronic devices. Unfortunately, many of us like to bring our smartphones and tablets to our beds, not knowing that this light has a huge effect on us. Get an old school alarm clock and leave your phone out of your bedroom; it may help you resist the temptation if you have to actually get up and walk across the house to get your phone.

Start to Work Out


Regular physical activity does not only tone our muscles and burn fat, it also helps us produce the “happiness” hormone and get a good night’s sleep. There is one catch though – make sure to schedule your workout in a 12-hour window after you get up. Otherwise your workout will have a negative effect on your sleep.

Control Caffeine Intake

Coffee and tea have many beneficial effects for us, and both of them also make a morning routine for most us, but they can also make us stay up late if we consume them a few hours before sleep. This is why experts advise not to consume any drinks that contain caffeine six hours before going to bed.

Hopefully this will be enough to get you back on track and develop a healthy sleep cycle. If you have found anything that has helped you do so and we didn’t mention it here, feel free to leave it in the comments section below.

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