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This post contains content sponsored by the Organic Trade Association. The opinions expressed in my post are my own. For more information on Organic Trade, visit the GROorganic website

Today I want to talk to you about something you probably haven’t heard much about yet! But trust me, you’ll be glad you have at the end of this article. So today we’re tackling the topic of the new GRO Organic Check-Off Program. Stick with me, we’re going to cover some ground and in the end, it’s going to ultimately benefit you and I as consumers, along with farmers and producers as well. That’s what makes it an important topic to cover! Let’s get to it!

GRO Organic Check off program

First off, what is the Organic Check-Off Program? It is a research and promotion program for the industry lead by the Organic Trade Association (OTA). This program will help raise money to do several critical things;

  • Educate consumers
  • Confirm the science behind organic
  • Take on research
  • Reduce supply crunch
  • Bring new farmers into organic
  • Distinguish organic from lesser claims

It could help put technical specialists in touch with farmers in every state to help them transition to organic, or to help existing organic farmers. Currently, there is only one funded organic specialist from the Natural Resources Conservation Service for the entire US.

GRO Organic Check off program

It’s estimated that more than 80% of US families currently buy at least one organic product (I know we certainly do!) Well the Organic Check-Off program will help us as consumers, as much as it will help the organic farmers and producers. Up to 75% of the estimated $30 million (so somewhere around $22.5 million) that the program could generate will be spent towards research for the organic sector which would help with establishing more sustainable farming practices and more organic options for us end-consumers. Wouldn’t that be nice?

So what does that mean for me? Well in the long run, this could make organic foods more affordable and more available for your family. By educating the public on the benefits of the program, we can make a difference together and work together to make our family foods so much better!

Imagine walking into the store and being able to purchase groceries for your family that were high-quality and organic, and not having to spend so much more to do so. Think of the options you would have for cooking and snacking, and knowing that your food came from a certified organic source, and that there was nothing to worry about as far as toxins or chemicals. It could be a truly life changing process. Don’t you agree?

Where do we go from here? When the public joins together to support the program with their comments, we can get the program approved and move forward with the organic process. And keep in mind, the program won’t cost tax payers a dime!

Submit your comment for the GRO Organic checkoff program

Submit your support of the GRO Organic Checkoff Program here and help make a difference when it comes to the food our family eats:




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