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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Leaner Creamer. All opinions are my own.

Leaner Creamer

I LOVE a good cup of coffee, but my husband… he is a coffee maniac.  Seriously.  He makes a full pot of coffee every morning, brings it in a thermos to work and has it emptied by 10am.  That doesn’t even include the occasional afternoon cup or two of joe he’ll grab from his building’s coffee shop to get him through the last stretch of his work day.  For me, that is a bit extreme.  Now, I do love coffee, but it’s more of an occasional treat.  As far as how I drink my coffee I am basically the most inconsistent coffee drinker ever.  Sometimes I like it black and sometimes I like it loaded up as a sugar-y mocha from our local coffee shop.  But recently, I’ve been trying to cut back on the high fat coffee drinks and just sticking with black coffee.  Sometimes, though, plain coffee just doesn’t cut it and I am craving something to sweeten it up.   I’ve recently found a great alternative to the sugar-filled, high fat drinks I get from the coffee shop.  It is called Leaner Creamer, and it is an all-natural powdered creamer.

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Leaner Creamer was founded by Lauren Maddahi, a registered dietitian who earned her Master’s Degree from Columbia University.  She then opened her own private practice to cater to the needs of various demographics in Los Angeles through cooking classes, community talks and one-on-one nutritional counseling. Lauren’s interests stem from her own struggles with her weight and body image issues that she had while she growing up.  Her specialties range from maternal and child wellness, weight management, and eating disorders to culinary nutrition and food service.

(Leaner Creamer)

Leaner Creamer

Not only is it Leaner Creamer a natural creamer, but it actually promotes weight loss and appetite suppression with its coconut oil based infused with its proprietary blend of Citrus Aurantium Extract, Hoodia and Green Tea Extract. Leaner Creamer has just the right hint of vanilla to keep my morning coffee a delicious treat without the high-fat content that coffee creamers currently on the market contain.

Are you looking for an alternative to your current creamer? Check out Leaner Creamer, I think you’ll like it!

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