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I Tried a Hair Straightening Brush on my Very Curly Hair

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I have been a dedicated hair straightener user since I was 15, which means I’ve been straightening my hair for half of my life! As someone with very curly hair, I don’t mess around when it comes to my hair tools, and I really didn’t have much faith in anything other than a flat iron.

But while I love the results, I don’t really love the process, so when I saw a video of Head Kandy’s 2.0 straightening brush on Facebook, I was really intrigued.

What is a straightening brush? Basically, it’s a big electric hairbrush that you brush through your hair to straighten it, rather than clamping your hair between two plates like you do with a flat iron.

I have to say, I wasn’t fully confident that the Head Kandy 2.0 would cut it for my hair. I’d tried a brush from a different brand a few years ago at the Made for TV store at the mall and it did nothing but frizz out my hair.

But omg was I wrong. The Head Kandy 2.0 is officially my new favorite hair tool.

Here’s a photo of my hair before using it….

And here’s a photo after.

Now for a rundown on why I am so in love with my new brush.

  1. It’s so easy to use. All you need to do is pull your hair taut and slide the brush through. One pass through was generally all it took.
  2. It gets the hard to reach parts that my flat iron doesn’t. First off, I found that this could get to my roots easier than my flat iron. I have a part at the back of my head that is curly right by my scalp and it’s often hard to get it, but with the brush it was a breeze. It also easily straightened those annoying little short bits by the side of my face (you know, those stubborn baby hairs).
  3. It gave my hair more volume and it looked more like I’d gotten a blow out rather than used a flat iron. My hair felt more voluminous and had great bounce and body. My Mom didn’t know I’d used the brush and commented on how good my hair looked.

I did find one downside to the brush, but I think this would depend on your hair type. While the brush did an awesome job straightening, it didn’t quite “seal” my hair the way my flat iron does. It was pretty humid the day I used it and within an hour or so of using it, my hair had started to puff up. I had to go back over certain parts with my flat iron to seal it in and then it was fine.

Conclusion: All of my hair straightening from now on with be done with my brush, BUT I’m not ditching my flat iron anytime soon. I’ll still be using it to touch up after I use the brush and ward off puffiness.



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