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The Secret Weapon for Softer, Smoother Skin

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of PMD and Brandbacker. All opinions however are 100% my own.

Like any woman I have ever met, I am always up for making my face look younger, feel smoother and softer. Typically, my beauty routine involves doing a facial mask maybe once a week when I get a chance to take a hot bath. This helped my skin, but it never really gave it much of a fighting chance, it didn’t do that deep work that my skin needed and really, I didn’t have the time to do anything more. Sound familiar?

Well recently, I had the opportunity to try out the PMD Personal Microderm tool that allows you to get the treatment you’d typically get at a salon, except now you can do it at home. No more scheduling appointments, rushing to get there, possibly finding daycare or time between kids’ activities, grocery shopping, etc. No, now you can take 5 minutes before bed (once a week) and skip the hassle. It’s a marvelous thing.

pmd microderm abrasion at home

How it Works

The Personal Microderm uses the power of Patented Spinning Disc Technology and combines it with the Perfectly Calibrated Vacuum Suction to deliver the results we all crave. Look forward to brighter, smoother skin with *finally* an even skin tone and texture.

The process itself is just as it sounds, micro (small) abrasions take off the top layer of your dead skin (that dull layer) to activate your skin’s healing process. The vacuum suction actually helps to bring blood flow and nutrients to your skin’s surface. These two items combined are the perfect recipe for glowing, healthy skin.

What it Treats

My goal of using the PMD tool was to get rid of acne scars, uneven skin tone and any fine line that are starting to creep up. But others use it for blemishes, fine lines/wrinkles, enlarged pores, hyper pigmentation, dull skin and more too.

What to Expect

After using the Personal Microderm, your makeup will actually go on smoother, and your skin care regimen will penetrate much deeper (20 times deeper to be precise!) But beyond that, you will notice softer, smoother skin after using it just one time.

How to Use PMD

The first thing you find when you open the box is a DVD on how to use this amazing tool. To get a grip on how it works, they have a great video on their website to help you get started and also to help understand the PMD better.

pmd microderm abrasion at home

Some tips that I have for you, that I’ve learned along the way:

  1. Pull the skin tight as you go along with the tool.
  2. Do not stop when you’re using PMD, keep it moving along your skin.
  3. Do not go over any areas twice in one treatment.
  4. Wait 6-7 days in between treatments to allow your skin to recoup.
  5. Use PMD at night as it’s best to wait 12-24 hours after treatment to put anything but moisturizer on your skin.

pmd microderm abrasion at home

I thought that after the treatment, my face would be red or blotchy but it was actually better than before I had treated it. When I woke up the next morning, my skin looked smooth and even! This is so big for me, because as a new mom, when I wake up in the morning I really don’t have time to throw on any makeup as I’m usually responding to a crying baby. Then throughout the day, my worries are elsewhere and I often remember as I’m out and about that I don’t have makeup on (and how embarrassing!) But now after treatments, it looks like I already have foundation on because my skin is smoother, brighter and my skin tone is actually even. Not to mention, the acne scars or even just that dull, darker skin that a blemish has left behind, is no longer a concern for me to cover before leaving the house. That’s a huge deal!

pmd microderm abrasion at home

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It’s true that when you look good, you feel good and that has definitely been my experience with the PMD. So if you’ve ever wanted to treat your skin and make it glow, this is the way to do it. Skip the in-office treatments and hefty price tags and instead try out PMD Personal Microderm. It’s the secret weapon to smoother, softer, amazingly beautiful skin.

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