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Fashion Starboys: Milan AW17 Fashion Week Menswear Takeaways

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Fashion femmes fatales watch out – these men are killer.

mens fashion week milan 2017

Model Jon Kortajarena looking oh so sexy and dapper in  retro designer duds.

This weekend marked the start of the glitz and glam of Milan Fashion Week A/W 2017.

Designers and influencers all over the world flocked to the semi-annual trade show held in Milan, Italy which has been held every year since it’s inception in 1958.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Milan Fashion Week is a part of the “Big Four” of global fashion weeks, which begins with our very own  New York Fashion Week (NYFW),  followed by London Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week  and finally ending with Paris Fashion Week.

The shows preview the coming seasons’ hottest trends and showcase the best of the best in terms of designers, influencers and models.

So what were we absolutely in lust with after this season’s show?

Men, men, men, men, manly men! Gasp. Our hearts exploded with this season’s menswear showcase.  Here are our top takeaways from the showcase.

mens fashion week milan 2017

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mens fashion week milan 2017

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mens fashion week milan 2017

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Diversity. Even Giorgio Armani was getting all United Colors of Benneton up in the building! The fashion industry in general has always received harsh criticism with regards to the discrimination in castings with many, if not most posting blatantly requiring “Caucasian only” models.

Sure, you’ll see a pinch of diversity here and there but usually, it is only one out of a handful. Milan is known for being far behind the rest of the industry with regards to this topic, however this year’s runways seemed to show what Vogue described as “an evolving mindset” thanks to casting director Ashley Brokaw’s embodiment of a “modern ethos”.

Swedish and Cape Verdean Joaquim Arnell, the new kid on the block as well as Senegalese-German Alpha Dia and the ever popular Jeong Yong Soo from Korea’s Next Top Model  were all prominently featured with “Prada favorites” such as Clement Chabernaud and Rogier Bosschaart in the spotlight yet again.

mens fashion week milan 2017

Photo by Marcella Magalotti.






















mens fashion week milan 2017

Retro. Floral prints, sharply tailored suits, rustic motifs, angora sweaters, fur collars, fringe elements and houndstooth hunting ensembles paved the runway this season with the 70’s back in action as the dominating trend of the season.

Muted colors such as camel, burgundies, suede and wide lapels, v-necks, shaggy haircuts and androgynous beauty was seen everywhere from Fendi and Miuccia Prada to Versace and the ever so trendy chic Zegna.

mens fashion week milan 2017



























Simplicity. Simplistic and conservative designs were overwhelmingly present, which have many feeling the trend  a reflection of the looming state of affairs and economic upsets. Ostentatious duds and gaudy excess were few and far between. Designers optied instead for sleek, traditional and low-key looks. The architecture of the sets followed suit with conservative, borderline morose choices such as Rem Koolhaas’s AMO studio’s “Catholic confessional” aesthetic prevailing.

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