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Natural ways to keep your skin looking younger

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You may be familiar with face creams that contain a ‘miracle ingredient’ that many companies guarantee would make your skin look younger. This ‘miracle ingredient is otherwise known as retinol. But, according to the Advertising Standards Authority, these are not safe products to use. In effect, the whole anti-ageing industry has been thrown into turmoil.

But did you know that retinol is just another name for vitamin A?

Yes, that’s true! This is just one of a number of vitamins and oils found in the foods we eat that can protect against ageing.

Here are ten other ways to keep your skin looking young:

Carrots and tomatoes

These two are packed with betacarotene — which is the precursor of vitamin A. After consuming betacarotene-rich food, your body converts it into vitamin A. Great way to pump up on retinol!

Betacarotene stimulates skin cell growth and builds collagen — a protein present in the skin which is essential for skin elasticity. It’s also a good anti-ageing food because it blocks antioxidants. Making you live every day without fear from free radicals in the air.

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Citrus fruits

Lemons and limes are examples of citrus fruits and they’re a great sources of vitamin C — also an antioxidant and helps protect your skin against ageing. Like vitamin A, vitamin C contained in citrus fruit is essential for the production of collagen in the skin.

Lemon pith is also rich in bioflavonoids – a biologically active compound found in the rinds of citrus fruits. These help strengthen the tiny blood capillaries in the skin and prevent unattractive broken veins. Definitely something you must eat to look younger!

Hazelnuts and brazilnuts

Nuts can actually be good for your skin! Why? Well, because they’re rich in essential fatty acids and when these are digested, they act as a support to those essential fatty acids already naturally present in your skin cells.

Essential fatty acids help to replenish collagen, naturally moisturise the skin and help to promote skin firmness. Nuts also contain anti-inflammatory properties that can help you skin stay smooth and acne free! Unleash your inner beauty!

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Avocados, just like citrus fruits, are rich in vitamin C —  helps protect your skin from ageing too. Avocados also contain essential fats, the building blocks of collagen, a structural protein contained in the skin essential for elasticity.

Try applying avocado directly to your skin too. Mashed to a pulp, avocado flesh makes a nourishing treat for dry, lack-lustre skin.

Give up smoking

Smoking is bad for your health — not just your lungs, but your skin too! Ouch. We bet most people didn’t know that. Smoking can make you more prone to lines and wrinkles than non smokers.

“This is because carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes is known to cut off peripheral circulation – the small blood capillaries that feed the skin,” says naturopath Laurence Kirk.

Smoking also stops the body’s absorption of vitamin C, which wouldn’t help you achieve a younger looking skin…

Keep out of the sun

A healthy looking tan actually indicates slightly damaged skin. The body has produced melanin, skin pigmentation, in an attempt to protect itself against ultra violet light. Exposure to ultra violet light breaks down the structure of collagen. This accelerates wrinkles and ageing. Make sure to stay in the shade and apply sunscreen whenever you go out!

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These summer fruits provide a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential in building up the tissue of the skin by supporting collagen formation – the scaffolding that supports the skin cells.

Drink plenty of water

As the day goes by, our body loses water vital for the function of our organs. Because of this, an adult should drink at least two litres of water per day. Yes, that’s right! When we’re dehydrated the body diverts the water available to essential organs such as the heart and liver. The skin is not given importance.

That’s why maintaining a healthy intake of water ensures that water, needed for skin cell formation, is diverted to the skin.

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil contains strong antioxidants which protect the skin from pollutants. It also combats the oxidising effects of the sun on our skin. Oxidation triggers more skin cells to die, leaving skin cells thinner and promoting ageing. Applying extra virgin olive oil to the skin after sun exposure may help to protect the skin against damage.


Exercise is good for our health — and our skin too! It promotes blood flow and nutrients to the skin’s surface. Thanks to blood being pumped around the body, live skin cells lying deep in the skin are pushed up higher to the surface of the skin. This helps to create a fresher, younger appearance because they sit higher up on the skin’s surface.

So, get up that couch and start exercising today!
What do you think about these natural ways to make you look younger?

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