Facial and Body Cupping with Lure Essentials

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I’ve been obsessed with cupping since the first time I went in for a treatment five years ago. In case you haven’t heard of it, cupping is an ancient technique in which cups are placed on your body, creating suction. The benefits of this practice abound and include pain relief, reduced inflammation, increased energy and flexibility, relaxation, and an opening of your life force energy, or “chi.”

Celebs including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Michael Phelps have been seen sporting the telltale dark circles on their back, which are the after effect of a cupping session.

Personally, I experienced a lot of pain and muscle relief as well as relaxation after my session. Cupping is described as kind of a reverse deep tissue massage because rather than pushing down on the muscles, as in a massage, the suction actually lifts and opens the tissues. How cool is that!!

Anyways, big fan of cupping, but I’d only go in for occasional treatments. Then recently I made an amazing discovery: you can get at home cupping sets! A bit of research online told me that LURE Essentials is considered the best in the biz, so I got a couple of sets to try out from them.

Not only was I blown away by their cups, but I also discovered that there are so many more benefits to cupping than I initially realized.

Courtesy of LURE Essentials

I tried out both their Bliss and Glass Face & Cupping sets and, following the tutorials listed on the Lure website, I used them for everything from giving my self a mini “face lift” to releasing upper back tension, to breaking up cellulite on the back of my legs. That’s right, these simple and easy to use cups can do all of that.  (While I loved both sets, I prefer the Bliss kit because it’s easier to clean and use.)

“Face lift”

There are specific facial cups that are amazing for promoting glowing, youthful skin. By using these cups on your face you encourage blood flow, which nourishes your tissues, and lymph drainage, which reduces puffiness and creates a more defined jawline and facial structure. And no, you won’t get any marks- rather than leaving the cups in place as you do with a back treatment, you keep the cups moving the whole time, which eliminates the risk of marks.

Cellulite Reduction

Cupping releases fascial adhesions, which contribute to cellulite. They also encourage lymph drainage, which clears away trapped toxins (another factor in cellulite).

Cupping with my Lure Essentials cups is now a regular part of my wellness routine. I absolutely love these products and can attest to their quality and effectiveness.

For more information check out their FAQ page and product page!

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