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Eco-Friendly Fashion Accessories

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Three years ago, the world was shocked by the news that loom band charm bracelets may cause cancer due to a number of deadly chemicals they contain. Not so charming anymore, right? Although this is not your typical go-to accessory, you can’t help but wonder how are our bags, belts, jewelry and other trinkets produced? The conditions in which these goods are produced are also concerning. Knowing all this, what should you do? Are saving the planet, being healthy and supporting fair labor reasons enough to renounce stylishness? Well, when we put it that way… Luckily, you don’t have to make any compromises, since there are more than enough eco-friendly accessory manufacturers that are more haute than hippie.

Love Bullet’s crystal love bullets

Love Bullet is interpreting the saying “Make love, not war” in the best possible way. They are using old artillery and bullet casings and turning them into true works of art – rings, bracelets and these pendant necklaces. Quite poetic, isn’t it? The love bullets (pendant necklaces) are minimalistic, yet very stylish addition to an everyday wardrobe. They consist of a chain and a bullet casing that has a crystal (blue lapis, black agate, amethyst, rose quartz, etc.) attached to it.

A Beautiful Story’s gypsy necklaces

These necklaces are for entirely different fashionistas than the previous ones, although they can both be sported on festivals. Made of wood (sandalwood, rosewood…), they make a striking addition to everyday outfits, and combine weary well with flowy summer pieces. They feature three gemstones and tassel. The story behind this brand truly is beautiful, since they have stores in the parts of the world where people face economic hardships where they train, employ and respect their workers.

Avery Verse’s country lane tote bag

Let’s proceed to the staple of women’s fashion – bag. The tote bag is especially a classic every woman around the globe must own. It is equally as convenient for grocery shopping as it is for the office. The Country Lane bag is made from Italian vegetable tanned leather, which makes colors and textures look more natural, provides high durability and protects our health and the planet. In fact, all the Avery Verse bags live up to these standards.

Norton Point’s current sunglasses

Looking for a pair of stylish sunglasses, but you don’t want your fashion choices to affect the environment? Look no further than Norton Point. The brand produces eco-friendly sunglasses made of recycled ocean plastic. They remove one pound of plastic from the sea for each sold pair, and donate five percent of their profit to global ocean cleanup.

Paguro’s Dianne wrapper cuff bracelet

Just a thing what every spunky girl who loves unique things should have in her jewelry box. This wrapper cuff bracelet is handmade, so there could be slight variations from product to product, so there can never be two completely the same. Each is individually designed and skillfully crafted by a professional Paguro’s craftsperson. The interesting shape brings elegance and attitude to a humble material. Believe it or not, the bracelet is made from a recycled inner tube.

Simply Woodrings’ birthwood rings

Wood is possibly the most popular material among nature lovers, and not only that, it can look unpretentiously stylish and be a great addition to any outfit. There is a lot of symbolic behind the birthwood rings. The combination of used wood is based on beliefs from Native American and Celtic mythology and each month of the year has its own combo. For example, if you’re born in October, you’ll be wearing maple and opal.

The trends come and go, but our health, respect to other people and the future will never go out of fashion. These brands make no compromises when it comes to style, so you have nothing to lose by going green with accessory choices.

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