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Beauty Sleep for Your Skin and Hair

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beauty sleep
We all tend to buy many different skincare products in order to prevent premature ageing and look our best. However, no matter how effective these products are, they won’t do much unless we incorporate some healthy life habits into our daily routine. Beauty sleep is definitely one of these habits. And, in order to remind you just how important beauty sleep actually is, here is the list of all its benefits.

Beautiful complexion

One of the results of beauty sleep is a glowing complexion. The reason for this is the fact that sleep improves your circulation, providing us with a healthy look we all strive to achieve. On the other hand, sleep deprivation reduces circulation, which leads to a lifeless complexion. In addition to having enough sleep, you should also apply moisturizer before going to bed in order to ensure that you’ll wake up with radiant skin.

Less wrinkles

Sleep also prevents premature ageing. Therefore, in addition to the amazing Dermalogica cream, which contains retinol and thus accelerates skin renewal, you should always have enough hours of sleep. Maybe you didn’t know this, but when you sleep, your skin produces new collagen and this is basically how your skin repairs itself. The more collagen your skin contains, the less likely it is to become wrinkled. You may think that there is no difference between sleeping for five or seven hours per night, but it has been shown that the lack of these two hours of sleep accounts for the occurrence of 50% more winkles. Additionally, you should always go for a satin or silk pillowcase because it causes less friction and prevents creasing and wrinkles.

no dark circles

No dark circles and puffy eyes

There is nothing worse than waking up with puffy eyes. However, this is something you can easily prevent by – you guessed it right – getting enough sleep. We also recommend that you drink a lot of water and always sleep on a pillow, since this will prevent swelling. You should avoid both super-salty foods and booze since they dehydrate your body.

Healthier hair

Aside from being beneficial to your skin, a good rest will do wonders for your hair, as well. Scientists have discovered that sleep deprivation can lead to hair loss, it can make your hair more susceptible to damage, and it can even affect its growth.  The reason behind all of these terrible things is a decreased blood flow, which occurs when we’re sleep deprived. And since our hair gets nutrients, minerals and vitamins from our blood, decreased blood flow deprives it of all of these useful substances. Another negative effect of sleep deprivation is stress which is often one of the main causes of hair loss. In order to improve the health of your hair even more, you should apply the overnight conditioner before going to bed, since enough sleep and high-quality cosmetics are a winning combination.

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Happier look

Finally, not only will your skin and hair look nicer, but you’ll look much happier after a nice rest. On the other hand, when we are feeling tired, we tend to frown more, which gives off an impression of us being sad or angry. This, paired with dark circles and puffy eyes clearly shows other people that we’re exhausted. And, to put aside our looks for just a minute – sleep deprivation is generally very bad for our overall health.

As you can see, sleep is of the utmost importance if you want to have beautiful healthy skin and hair. So, in addition to your favourite cosmetic products make sure to spend enough time in your bed as well.

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