Father and Daughter Claim World Record Together For This Body Part

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Shocked, yes that is what we thought when we saw the world record holder for largest tongue as he proudly displayed it to passer-byes who were on a casual stroll through the grocery.

Somer were disgusted…



Some admired then laughed..


This couple didn’t know what to think…


And this employee couldn’t control himself..


So what does the widest male tongue in the world look like?


There you have it.  All 3.1 inches wide of it.

How wide is a super wide tongue? That is larger than a lollypop.



Larger than a credit card…


And even larger than the new iPhone 6!

tounge 7


You may be wondering what the largest tongue in the world is good for.  But with 3 daughters in the house,  his ‘normal tongued wife” isn’t spilling any beans.


Watch the funny, insightful and well produced documentary style video here


h/t  to Rant Lifestyle  Elements of original below.

We all get a physical feature or two from our moms and dads, but Byron Schlenker from Syracuse, NY ended up “giving” his daughter Emily something so unique, it made them both new Guinness World Record holders.

While helping Emily research an upcoming school project, Byron picked up a recent copy of the annual human achievement tome and discovered the entry for the man with the widest tongue, which was app. 3.1 inches. Knowing that he had quite the extendable muscular organ himself, he returned to his home and asked his daughter to help him measure it.

It turned out that Schlenker’s tongue actually surpassed the original record holder by .2 inches.

“[That’s] it’s roughly more than two centimeters wider than the new iPhone 6,” he explained.

However, Byron isn’t the only one with the over-sized body feature: Emily’s tongue is around 2.9 inches wide, although she almost chose to keep her mouth shut about the abnormal appendage.

“I had to think about submitting for the record for a while,” Emily admitted, “but after seeing how much fun my dad has had with it, I decided I would do it.’

Since the news went public and the record became official, the Schlenkers have become public attractions in their hometown — which of course, brings out the occasional obscene question about his sex life.

“We try to keep it clean,” Byron’s wife (and owner of a normal sized tongue), Vicki, explained. “We’re a wholesome family with three young ladies in the house, so we just kinda laugh it off.’

At least they’re able to lick — erm, nip that in the bud.

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