Fun Mitten Craft For Kids

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Now that the colder weather has arrived it may be time to think of fun ways to pass the time on the weekend with the kids indoors! We love doing crafts, and making sure we have age appropriate crafts for all kids in the house.

My kids love the winter, and anything they can decorate our house with to make us all get in to the winter spirit they’ll do! This past weekend we decided to make some mitten crafts!

Fun and Easy Mitten Crafts for Kids This is a simple and fun craft that I found my kids aged 4-9 enjoyed making!

Materials Needed:

  • 2 small paper plates
  • 3-8″ pieces of different colored string
  • Pink and yellow craft paint
  • Kids scissors
  • Foam paint brush


  1. Have your child trace their hands with their fingers together onto the paper plates
  2. Then cut them out
  3. Paint your hand cut outs pink using your foam paint brush
  4. With your yellow paint, finger paint on a design using the tips of your fingers (I did polka dots)
  5. Braid your three strands of string together, tying a knot at each end
    Once your mittens are dry, cut a small slit at the bottom of each one and slide your knot into each slit
  6. Hang your mittens up to display this winter!





Have fun with them and be creative!

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