I am a trained accountant, but I started using coupons out of necessity, and for something to do after my day job. I was astonished at the savings and all the free or better than free things I could get. It was so much fun I decided to share what I was doing with others, and CouponistaQueen.com was born in March 2011. It has been satisfying being able to provide for the needs of my family, friends and community through what I do. My site grew so much that I became a full-time blogger, author and marketing manager, and I left the corporate world behind for the glam life of a WAHM. Personally, we are a family of three living in the St. Louis Metro area. In a big SURPRISE we had our first (and only) blessed daughter when I was near 42…and my husband the King turned 40 right after we brought her home, then he graduated college right after THAT. Life has been busy, but bountiful! SO while I no longer concentrate solely on deals and freebies because I am 1. Chasing a toddler, and 2. Did I mention I was in my mid-40s and chasing a toddler? my focus still remains frugal and family friendly and hopefully fun and useful. Others now are a part of the Couponista Queen team, though I remain Queen in charge, hands on daily (makeup and bra optional).

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